Pool Builders Sydney

Choosing the Best Size Pool For Your Home

No two spaces are the same and this will definitely dictate the size of a pool. Even smaller locations can feature a nice looking swimming area – especially if it’s an option to dig a little deeper. The size will depend on the space available, as well as the home owner’s preference. If they are hoping for an Olympic size pool then they will need a garden big enough to facilitate it. In most instances, a pool measuring 6 to 10 metres in length will be big enough for an entire family and guests.

More and more people in Sydney are choosing to have personalised swimming pools designed in their gardens (or even indoors, when space permits). Certain spaces might not be able to fit rectangular swimming areas, or perhaps they will benefit from a uniquely shaped design that takes advantage of the space available. In either event, having a pool customised can provide a lot more enjoyment for everyone present.


Pool building agencies are available throughout Australia and it’s this level of competition that can be a great benefit to customers. As different companies compete for your custom, they will typically keep their rates as competitive as possible. This means cheaper costs without having to sacrifice on the quality of service – so be sure to request a few free, no obligation quotes and then decide on one that offers a balance of experience and affordability.

Planning Your Pool

Step one – obtaining planning permission

Even on a person’s own land, it’s important to apply for and obtain planning permission before undertaking any development. Some homes may have been constructed over the surface of pipework, whereas others might have been placed on top of solid concrete for earthquake-resistance. The local planning authority will have a better understanding of the types of events that may arise and will be able to provide further advice.

Step two – designing the pool

With permission approved, the next step is to have the pool designed. During this phase, the home owner will be presented with a variety of options and conceptual art – much of which can be further personalised to suit the area and functionality. Depending on the space available, the pool can be designed to go down into the ground several metres, or can be sloped to allow for easy access.

When To Build

Most people plan their swimming pool projects just before the summer, or a little earlier, to ensure that it’s ready for use when the hot weather comes around. These peak times can be far more expensive than other times of the year, so delaying a project by a few months can make a lot of difference. Instead of aiming for the summer, it’s a better idea to plan a project for undertaking at the end of winter, where interest is low (and costs should reflect this).

Cost Estimate This is the most important part of choosing a company to build your temporary fencing for you. A number of companies will give you a free quote, often over the telephone. However, a number of factors will affect the final cost of your project. The most common type of panel is vinyl, which can be designed and manufactured very quickly, while still providing great quality and durability. Prices will vary based on the type of panel chosen, material, and size of the fence panel

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