CBHSA Mission Statement:
To promote and preserve the pure and part bred
Cleveland Bay horse, and to encourage and assist
their showing, exhibition, and competition
throughout Australasia.

To establish and maintain registers of horses and

To support breeders of Cleveland Bay horses and to
encourage and facilitate communication amongst
members and to process payments. To establish and maintain
communication with like minded Cleveland Bay
Horse Societies throughout the world and to further
the interests of the CBHSA.

CBHSA Constitution


Important Notices To Members:
Autumn 2015 Bay Bulletin Deadline:
Friday 3rd of April 2016

All Members: Please send your articles, results, reports, photographs, horses for sale that are
registered with the CBHSA and upcoming events to: baybulletin@gmail.com by no later than
10pm Friday 3rd April 2015

Draft Minutes from the 2014 CBHSA AGM are available to all members.

Should you wish to receive a copy please contact us at the CBHSA Email Address listed below:
Email: cbhsaustralasia@gmail.com
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