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Making the Most of the Space Available in a Garage

As far as storage space in garages and sheds is concerned, many home owners don’t realise the potential for particular facilities to provide a little extra room for storing property. Shelves are a pretty versatile solution, but they are only able to support a certain amount of weight before buckling. One particularly effective method relates to cabinets and these handy containers are more than capable of containing a host of goods and property.

Garage cabinets are unlike other types in the sense that they are built to cater to specific requirements. Where indoor cabinets are often made from MDF or other cheaper materials, garage-oriented alternatives will be made with stainless steels and aluminium; both of which can resist even the most substantial amounts of water.

But what types of cabinets are available and can they be used to replace, or at the very least complement any existing shelves in the vicinity?

Ground level cabinets

These structures work in much the same way as regular wardrobes and cupboards; albeit it in a far more tailored fashion. Taller, thinner versions may need securing to the ground in order to remain safe, whilst wider, broader equivalents can be positioned against a flat surface like a chest of drawers. Their main benefit is that they are easy to access and can be constructed on top of one another; offering the ability to make full-use of the height of a garage.

Off-ground storage units

When ground level units may cause a concern to children and pets, it’s always an option to purchase a set of cabinets that can be placed on walls. Although they may be attached to a flat surface in much the same way as shelves, the way in which they are attached makes them far more secure. Heavier duty fittings can all but guarantee that the unit will remain in place and if there’s any doubt relating to the amount of weight that a cabinet can hold, the manufacturer can provide information.

Custom-made cabinets

No two garages are the same size or shape and spending weeks trawling around DIY stores to find a cabinet that can fit is never a preferred option. Fortunately, there are many online stockists that offer custom-sized units; many of which can be manufactured at short notice and installed by an expert. These units can be fitted by anyone with access to a drill set and screws however, making them some of the most functional available.

By fitting these types of storage units, all corners of a garage can be used to their fullest potential to store paint pots, tools and everything in between. Thanks to the weather resistant properties of the metal used for these types of units, they can even be stored outside – as long as they are maintained from time to time to ensure their integrity.