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How to Thoroughly Clean a Carpet | Lightning Dry Cleaning

Our carpets are exposed to a host of elements every single day (even when they’re not being used), so whether it’s dust settling into the fibres, or mud and dirt being brought in from shoes and pets; it can be quite a challenge to keep them clean and fresh all year round. Carpet cleaning projects can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, and this is why so many people turn to the services of professional cleaners to help with the task.

But why are these experts so good at keeping our rug fibres clean? Perhaps it’s to do with their access to industrial grade cleaning agents, or maybe it’s their knowledge of the composition of carpets and upholstery – but in any event, there’s no denying that carpet cleaners are very good at what they do.

So, how do they go about cleaning a rug and removing all traces of dirt, stains and debris from its fibres?

It’s all down to a careful cleaning process

No matter the size, thickness, or even colour of a carpet – they will all possess one thing in common and that’s a composition made up of individual fibres. As these fibres come into contact with external elements they can be prone to discolouring, weakening, or fading over time. These events will depend on the quality of the fibres, as well as the materials used in the weaving of the carpet – but in all instances, failure to maintain them can result in deterioration of their structure.

The first thing that a cleaning expert will do will be to identify the type of material that the carpet consists of. Once identified, the next step will be to use the right type of cleaning agent – especially where stains are concerned. Some ingredients can be abrasive when used on certain materials, so it’s important to avoid using those that may pose a risk.

Other instances of cleaning may simply require a steam clean, followed by vacuuming. Steam cleaners super-heat water and then emit the liquid in a vapour form. The heat is enough to ensure that any bacteria present will be destroyed, as well as helping to break down any stubborn stains or dirt build-ups as a result of mud or oil.

The vacuuming then helps to lift away these external elements, revealing a bacteria-free surface. Once the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s not uncommon for experts to then pour scented powder over the surface and then allow time for the composition to fall into the fibres. The final step is to perform another vacuum – this time with a focus on sucking up the powder, whilst leaving a fresh, clean scent behind that can last for weeks.